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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does your credit program cost?

$99 per month.

Get your service started today for just $249. You’ll get a welcome call, have your own secure account set up online for you to view, and see your credit reports and scores all within the first week. If you like the service we’ll continuously improve your credit each month for just $99.

Can you remove inquiries from my credit report?

Yes, a creditor must provide documentation showing you applied for credit with their company, if they do not provide proper verification then the item is removed.

Inquiries are a very small aspect of your credit score however and they commonly do not affect your credit score past 90 days. We usually approach these last because we focus on the more critical items affecting your credit to begin with.

Can student loans be removed from my credit report?

Late payments on student loans can be removed, but student loan debt cannot be settled. However, we do offer strategies to help you eliminate or reduce student loan debt.

Can bankruptcies be removed from my credit report?

The broad answer is YES. We’ve had bankruptcies removed before, but we generally tell our clients they shouldn’t expect their bankruptcy to be removed. Bankruptcies are public records, and tend to be in most cases the most difficult to remove if they are still within 7 years old. Our service has been known to remove them with an impressive 46% success rate with past customers.

Can you help me remove a foreclosure from my report?

Yes, foreclosures can be removed. Although they are very difficult, we again take every step possible to do so, and we have helped clients get them removed in the past.

Can collections be removed?

Yes, we can also recommend a great debt negotiation service that can have your collections and other outstanding debts negotiated in most instances by 50%!

You can continue to grow your credit to obtain fleet cards, even Visa and MasterCard cash credit. And by having business credit established you’ll have a much better chance of getting loans, credit lines, and get these at better terms.

How long does it take to improve my credit profile?

Each situation is unique and so is the timeframe required to repair your credit. The majority of our customers see results within the first 45-60 days.

We work on your credit on a month-by-month basis until you are satisfied with the improvement in your credit. Our goal is to improve both your credit report and credit score continuously each month.

With that said, keep in mind that no company can promise any specific outcome simply because there are several third parties involved (e.g. Equifax, Transunion, Experian, your creditors, etc.) and no one can predict how they will respond.

How can bad credit be repaired legally?

Because you are ultimately responsible for ensuring that your credit report is accurate, laws were enacted — specifically the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) — to assist you. The FCRA gives you the right to contact the credit bureaus directly to dispute items on your credit reports. You can dispute any and all items that are inaccurate, untimely, misleading, biased, incomplete or unverifiable. Any item that cannot be verified on your credit report must be deleted.

Goodwill Creditor Interventions may also be used to address an item on your credit report directly with your creditor. Also, the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA) of 2003 may be utilized primarily in situations where identity theft is concerned.

Thousands of people have legally and successfully restored their credit and increased their credit score simply by enforcing their own legal rights. This type of process can be done individually if you have the time, and of course the patience, for the learning curve involved.

What happens after I get started?
  • You will be redirected to a page to complete your enrollment.
  • You’ll receive a welcome email and phone call from one of our agents once the enrollment is completed.
  • We’ll provide you with a special secure online account so you can keep track of our progress on your credit repair.
  • You’ll see your credit reports and starting credit scores from all three credit bureaus (reporting agencies).
  • You’ll start seeing credit improvements in less than 60 days.
  • Your credit report and score improvements will progress throughout the duration of your service (you’ll watch it all happen through your online account).
  • At the end, you will visibly see your credit report, turn into a better credit report.
How soon do you begin working on my credit?
Great question! When you enroll in our service, our credit experts begin servicing your credit within 2-3 business days!
How much will my credit increase?
It all depends. There are no two credit reports that are exactly the same. This means that improvements we make on one person’s credit may or may not improve the score as much as another’s. The “average”, we’ve found, never applies. We’ve seen scores go up 200+ points, and others just get the 20 point boost they needed to qualify for their home loan. Everyone’s results will vary, but, you can be certain we will get you the best results possible.
How will I know if the process is working?

Easy! Every time you receive updated credit reports throughout your service you will see items that have been changed, updated, or removed.

If an item is changed or updated, it generally means that a positive improvement with that account (such as a late history) has been made.

If an account was removed all together from your credit report, it means that a negative item has been removed from your credit. Usually these items are collections, charge offs, foreclosures, etc.

We’ll also point out important progress made within your client account which you’ll have online access to.

Can you help with outstanding debt?
No. While we are financial experts, we are not a credit counseling agency. We always examine each account to determine the correctness of the reporting, but our program does not provide a remedy for legitimate debt.

Want to talk to a credit expert?

Book a one-on-one phone or zoom meeting to discuss your personal credit situation and what Truman Money can do to help you open new financial opportunities.